Game Changers
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It is difficult to know where to go if you have no concept of where you have been. This book reminds us of our community’s past, both joyful and painful, that brought us to this moment where we no longer have to whisper the word lesbian under our breaths—and the closet, while still present, is not as compulsory as it once was. Through these histories and this book Robin Lowey has changed the game to ensure that our forebears and our struggles will not be erased. LGBTQ+ youth everywhere will know that we matter, we have always mattered, and we have, indeed, made a difference.
— Rick Oculto, MSW | Education Manager For Our Family Coalition—Supporting Equity for All Families & Children
It has been amazing to watch certain students’ reaction to the book who are able to see a representation of their own identities in their school environment.
— Jessica Colvin, Wellness Director for the Tamalpais Unified High School District